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Don't Invite this guy to dinner.

"Plant a radish, get a radish not a brussel sprout.  That's why I like vegetables you know what there about (from "The Fanstastics")  But this guy turns that statement inside out.

An instant percussion section

you can have lots of fun with.

Experimental Musical Instruments
Can you imagine...a link for people who love to create musical instruments? Here it is.

The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions Invented by Elementary Students
This former public school music teacher designed and maintains this awesome web site for photos of instruments made by elementary students.

World Instrument Info & Store
This place is incredible. They have instruments from all over the world. Generally with descriptions, pictures and purchasing information

The World Music Store
Whether or not you are a teacher or lover of world music this is an incredibly user friendly search engine to provide you with all the music examples you need. They have the Smithsonian library plus much else. Order direct.

Didjeridu, Didjeridoo, Yidaki
This is it. More than everything you want to know about Didjeridu's and a great step into Aborigine Australia. Explore this and you will be in the outback among the Aborigines in no-time.

Aboriginal Australian Didjeridu
More good stuff about Australia

Native American Song Flute
If you are in love with the sound of this ingenious instrument then wander through this site. This organization is a special interest group for many of the foremost performers and makers of Native American flutes. You will find many examples of exceptional flutes, sound clips, and flute lore.

The Japanese shakuhachi

A wonderfully comprehensive site on this historically intriguing and beautifully sounding instrument.

Indonesian Resources
Indonesia is to Australia what Mexico is to the U.S. Russ Darnley and Tina Pentas are my good friends from Australia who provide tons of information to the Australian education community about Indonesia. They are great educators, writers, and guides to Indonesia. Their page provides links which are worth a visit if you have interests in Indonesia.

The Music of Tibetan Buddhism

The lamas, the high priests of Tibetan Buddhism, say religion is sound. And when the religion in question is Buddhism, the sounds often are mantras - chants sometimes accompanied by percussion and wind instruments. This site provides an explanation of the significance of music to Tibetan culutre, with a few samples, too.


Zimbabwean music & culture worldwide

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