Dr. Hal's workshop on making Native American Flutes out of plastic pipe generated a lot of interest at the POTAWATOMI AREA COUNCIL - SCOUT FESTIVAL 2010.  Many asked if they can get Dr. Hal's materials for  making flutes and many asked if Dr. Hal would come to do a den meeting etc. These are the best answers we have at the moment:


A You want the CLIP and the PLUG. You intend to make your own flutes out of PVC pipe that you purchase and cut, deburr and clean from a local supplier. The number of instruments you need x $4 plus $6 S&H
B You want the CLIP and the PLUG and the ABS TUBE with the indentations that clarify exactly where the holes need to be drilled. The number of instruments you need x $10 plus $10 S&H
  You want Dr. Hal to come to your Troop, Pack or Den meeting to work with your boys/girls to build a quality flute.  He will adjust the flute for optimum sound quality.  Approximate time ... about 1 hour per 20 scouts.   (one adult leader per 4 scouts is appreciated.  There should be a minimum of 1 portable drill per 4 scouts and one workstation - table - per 4 scouts). Dr. Hal provides drill bits.  DR. HAL WILL DO THIS WORKSHOP WITH INDIVIDUAL DENS. Figure the total cost for product type A or type B that you need. You won't need to add S&H. . Add $150 for Dr. Hal.  No travel or lodging fees if you are in the Potawatomi Area Council otherwise .50 per mile and overnight lodging $100.

There are certain safety concerns when doing a project of this sort. Portable drills are the only power tool used in this project. Although many of us look upon them as the least risky of all power tools...they do pose a potential risk. Dr. Hal has a great deal of experience working with young people.  He has never had an accident with scouts or school groups, however, risk for accident increases when children crowd the work area, touch things in the work space, etc  Prep your scouts good manners (touching, pushing, shoving) about this before Dr. Hal arrives and he will point out safety concerns and the kind of behavior he expects from scouts before the project begins. If you are considering doing this project with very young cub scouts consider doubling the leadership recommendations above. Consider pairing an older scout with a very young scout. . Dr. Hal reserves the right to stop the project if he believes the conditions for safely completing the project are being jeapordized or compromised by innappropriate behavior. Dr. Hal will not work in an environment that puts any scout at risk.