Dr. Hal’s workshops on Native American Flute making

See options A, AB, & ABC.


Workshop A - Make the flute

60 minutes.

Dr. Hal will help you transform a 17” piece of ¾ ABS plastic pipe into a fine Native American style flute.  It will play with a beautiful tone and you will be amazed at its capacity to perform as well as more expensive instruments made out of wood. Dr. Hal has made thousands of these instruments. His instruments are sold all over the world and he knows just what to do to get the best out of each.  For grades 4* through retirement.

Participants; Minimum of 10 and Maximum of 24

Requires 1 2’x8’ table per 8 students.

You bring enough portable drills (approximately one per 4 children)

You bring enough flat files (one per 4 children)

I'll bring enough drill bits

5/16th" drill bit

15/64” drill bit

1/8” drill bit     and I'll bring the sandpaper.

Dr. Hal guides you through each step. He provides the ABS plastic tubes, a unique clip-on saddle and a secure airtight plastic plug.  Indented dimples on the tubes minimize measurement errors by letting you know exactly where to drill. You use a file to enlarge the air channel and shape the air and tone holes. You place the saddle and set the plug. Dr. Hal checks each flute to be sure you built a quality instrument.

Material Cost per participant $10 for tube, saddle, plug.

Total workshop cost is $300 plus travel/lodging expenses and materials.

Workshop AB – Make and Learn to Play the flute

100 minutes.

All of workshop A plus learn the fundamentals of producing a good sound and how to play some simple melodies. Each participant will be presented with Dr. Hal’s instructional CD and the accompanying 24 page manual.

Material Cost per participant $15 includes the manual and the CD

Total AB workshop fee $350 plus travel/lodging espenses and materials.

Workshop ABC – Make, Learn to Play and Decorate the flute

120 minutes.

 All of workshop AB plus you can personalize your flute in many different ways.  Dr. Hal will share pictures of a variety of flutes from museum collections in the Milwaukee and Madison area. He will show some of the flutes he and others have decorated. He will help you to incorporate your spirit into the your flute.  Dr. Hal brings paints, sinew, feathers, beads, stickers, etc.

Material Costs per participant $18 (assumes $3 for artisitic supplies). Some additional cost

may be assessed individuals who use excessive materials.

Total ABC workshop $400 plus travel/lodging expense and materials.