... it is obvious the kids could have had you stay all day…they were enthralled with the music and the things they could make by themselves. For the couple of days that followed….I had several kids making their own instruments out of the available art supplies we had.

 …very creative…you certainly brought out the best in everyone.

Elyse Gelinskey, Alexander Graham Bell Foundation


Dr. Hal’s presentation/workshop on Making and Creating simple musical instruments.

 60 minutes.

This one really will get you out of the box. Dr. Hal believes that you can make an expressive musical instrument out of almost anything.  Using water bottles, string, paper tubes, styrofoam bowls, magic tape, even nails. He literally opens the book to invention and welcomes his audiences to the land of "what if."  He will show you the fundamentals of instrument making but who knows what you'll end up with.   You will have a great time taking home your inventions and you may even learn how to play them as well. This presentation/workshop has lots of options for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 hours.

Participants; Minimum of 25 and Maximum of 100

1 lunch room type table (2 x 8) per group of 8 persons may be required dependent on the instruments that are made.

Appropriate for Grade 1 through adult.

Minimum material cost: $1 per participant

Program fee is $400 for first hour plus materials.